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Mark Manuel - CEO, Partner

Mark Manuel is CEO of Kilburn Live. Under Mark’s leadership, Kilburn Live has grown into one of the world’s leading live events companies. Kilburn specializes in bringing the world’s biggest entertainment IP to life through ground-breaking live events and experiences. With operations in 10 global locations, Kilburn Live successfully tours its live events in over 50 countries worldwide.
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John Goff - Partner

John Goff is the Founder and Managing Principal of Goff Capital Partners where he focuses mainly on strategy. With a background in accounting, finance, and real estate, John has experience in all forms of investment, including public and private securities in various industries. He co-founded Crescent Real Estate in the early 1990s and led it to its IPO in 1994. As its CEO, he grew it into a multi-billion dollar company, which was acquired by Morgan Stanley in 2007. In 2009, John teamed up with Barclays Capital to reacquire Crescent.
Michael Lambert.jpg
Michael Lambert - Partner

Michael Lambert spent the last 40 years in public and private companies acquiring, managing and growing US and international media and technology businesses, including broadcasting, cable and channel development, digital spectrum management, film and television production and distribution, music and cinemas.  Mr. Lambert has repeatedly identified mispriced assets and out of favor sectors, resulting in significant returns for investors. 
Ted O Neal.jpg
Ted O'Neal - Partner

Ted O’Neal is a founding partner of Kilburn Media and has helped foster its phenomenal growth. He is active in the production and finance of live events, feature films, partnerships, and company strategy.
Travis Goff.jpg
Travis Goff - Partner

Travis Goff is President of Goff Capital, a Fort Worth, Texas-based family office. Goff Capital is the family office of John Goff which directly invests in public securities as well as private equity in a variety of sectors. The firm also manages Crescent Real Estate Holdings, a real estate private equity firm. Travis manages all existing and potential private and public investments for Goff Capital.
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